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Game time: Where in the World Are You?

Geography was one of those subjects in school that you either loved or hated.

For the people who loved geography, have we got a website for you.

Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego
Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego

GEO GUESSER is a game based on Google Maps, where you are shown a remote location from somewhere around the world.

Using your careful observation skills, all you have to do is point your cursor to a map of the world and click where you believe the image you’re viewing is from.  Your score is based on the difference between the actual location and your guess, with the winner coming from the lowest score possible.

Some of the selections are relatively easy to estimate… as long as you have a relatively loose idea of what “easy” is.  Web Watch feels lucky if we’re in rough general hemisphere as the actual location.  Who knew that rural Australia and rural Europe could look so dang similar?

One rule: no cheating. If you see a road sign, you’re either going to know the language or the location, or you won’t.  So no fair using Google to find out where you are.

Web Gangsta just took another stab at our GEOGUESSR ability, and we got REALLY lucky with one of the maps we were shown: we were able to pinpoint the location within about 70 meters (about a city block off). It helped that we had been there before.