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How to get expert help with your homework

Homework can be rewarding, if you know how to do the assignment.  It can also be extremely frustrating if you have difficulty in the subject matter.

And let’s face it – while Mom and Dad are familiar with practically everything, there’s no way that kids can always rely on their parents to help them with some calculus problem if Mom and Dad haven’t used that skill in say, forever.

So while some parents turn to professional tutors to help, that isn’t always a viable option for one-off situations.

So what should parents do when faced with a tough homework assignment question from their kids?

Homework: A Parent's Guide To Helping Out Without Freaking Out!
Homework: A Parent’s Guide To Helping Out Without Freaking Out!

That’s right – they should come to Web Watch first, then follow this page to a site such as ACE MY HOMEWORK.

This site is filled with “scholars” who are waiting to pounce on any submitted question.  After you post some money into your ACE escrow account — you know, to ensure that the scholar helping you with your homework assignment gets paid for their effort — you can then ask your question.

Some questions would fall into the $1 question bucket, where the answer is going to cost you just a dollar.

But some assignments can be much more involved and will require more money.  Your job is to figure out what the lowest price is that you can still get a relatively decent answer out of the online scholar you’ve selected.

Web Watch will warn you that sometimes, anonymous homework assistance may be a “you get what you pay for” situation.  One scholar’s review/feedback says:

“quick doing the work, but the paper could have been a lot better. I learned a great lesson today, if you want something done the correct way, do it yourself.”