The Awkward Years Project

Believe it or not, everybody growing up had at least one awkward moment that lives on in ancient photos stored in albums or shoeboxes hidden under a pile of clothes in the back of a closet.

If you think that everyone in school was absolutely perfect at everything – sports, tests, popularity – then your memory of high school is much fuzzier than everyone else’s has been.  THE BREAKFAST CLUB did sum it up perfectly in that everyone in school was, at one time or another “a brain, an athlete, a basketcase, a princess”… and maybe a little bit of a criminal.


The good news?

We all grow out of that awkward school phase into the people that we are today.

You may not have been the prettiest or smartest person in your class at the time, but look in the mirror now and you’ll see someone completely different today.  Show your significant other one of those old, embarassing photos of yourself, and they will likely fall in love with you even more because they know the person that you’ve become rather than the kid that’s reflected in those photos.

That’s the premise behind the AWKWARD YEARS PROJECT, a photoblog featuring everyday folks sharing that one awkward image of their past as way to say “it gets better” years later.

See who I was before, but look at what I’ve become today.

Because you need to remember that you’re not alone in your braces and big hair, your stupid Christmas sweater, or sitting in a pot of spaghetti with sauce all over your head.  Everyone’s been there, done that.

Be proud of who you are today.