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Study: smartphones cause people to smoke more

Are you a smoker?

Do you own a smartphone (such as an iPhone or an Android device)?

Then chances are – there’s a correlation between the two that you haven’t realized.

iPhone case - Monkey Smoking Weed
Monkey Smoking Weed iPhone case

A recent study by MOODOFF DAY shows that there is a definite link between owning a smartphone and the amount of cigarette smoking the smartphone user does during the day.

And frankly, this shouldn’t surprise anyone.

What do people do on their smoke breaks?  Check out their phones to see the latest news, tweets, Facebook posts, etc.

And when you’re caught up in something really good, the study shows that people who use their smartphones during their smoking breaks will “smoke just one more” cigarette than they normally would on that same break without their smartphone available.

It’s all about CELLPHONE ADDICTION moreso than the nicotine habit, but smokers are just looking to do one more drag on their cigarettes before heading back into the office after scrolling through all their phone apps.

What the study found was that 10% of smokers spoked more while they were online during their smoke break.  12.5% of women, but just 8.3% of men were the ones who partaked (partook?) of that one extra cigarette when they found something interesting on their phone.

Is this just another reason to give non-smokers some leeway on their personal Internet browsing time while at the office?  Are you finding that your smoking co-workers are taking more time with their smoke breaks than they used to?

What do you do on your own smoke breaks?  Have you changed your break habits since you got your own smartphone?  Tell us about it in the comments…