Smokers do not make better lovers

Thank you for Smoking
Thank you for Smoking

Smokers do not make better lovers, despite all the assumptions that smoking makes one appear to be sexier.

(do you hear that kids?  Let’s say that again — “smokers do not make better lovers”)

We know what you’re thinking.  Web Watch, how could you possible know this?  Well, we’d like to say that it’s due to our vast knowledge and personal experience… but we’d rather just point you to this REPORT ON SEXUAL DYSFUNCTION and SMOKING.

The study had men quit smoking as part of the research.  Along the course of the research, they had men watch sexy films and measured their arousal.  What they found was that men who had quit smoking had a greater increase in penile growth than those men who were still smokers.  The report was quick to point out that they were measuring girth and not length.  Just thought we’d mention that here as well.

The theory is that smoking affects bloodflow leading to the penis, which would ultimately lead to erectile dysfunction for long-term smokers.

The report concludes, “even men who don’t have a clinical diagnosis of ED may still benefit from quitting smoking”.

There could be a bigger side effect here, no pun intended.  Because a second anti-smoking study was also recently released that proves QUITTING SMOKING CAN IMPROVE YOUR PERSONALITY as well.


The study found that those who smoked were more impulsive and showed negative and anxious emotions.  It showed that those who quit smoking would become less impulsive and have better emotional stability.

So there you go — want to improve your sex life AND snag the mate of your dreams?  Quitting smoking may be your first step.