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Video Fun: Dad interrogates son about smoking pot

Strange things afoot at the Circle K.

Watch what happens when parents question their children about smoking pot.

News Science

Study: smartphones cause people to smoke more

Are you a smoker?

Do you own a smartphone (such as an iPhone or an Android device)?

Then chances are – there’s a correlation between the two that you haven’t realized.

iPhone case - Monkey Smoking Weed
Monkey Smoking Weed iPhone case

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Where are the cheapest cigarettes?

There are lots of economic indicators you can use to determine if the local neighborhood pricing is more or less expensive than someplace down the road.

One common thing to compare is the BIG MAC INDEX, as the McDonald’s Big Mac is a fairly standard product that is sold around the world.  A Big Mac in Norway is going to be more expensive than a Big Mac in India.  Then again, the Big Mac in India is made from chicken instead of beef.. which may be part of the cost savings there.

Candy Cigarettes
Candy Cigarettes


Smokers do not make better lovers

Thank you for Smoking
Thank you for Smoking

Smokers do not make better lovers, despite all the assumptions that smoking makes one appear to be sexier.

(do you hear that kids?  Let’s say that again — “smokers do not make better lovers”)

We know what you’re thinking.  Web Watch, how could you possible know this?  Well, we’d like to say that it’s due to our vast knowledge and personal experience… but we’d rather just point you to this REPORT ON SEXUAL DYSFUNCTION and SMOKING.