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Where are the most expensive illegal drugs sold in the world?

Let’s say that you’re travelling around the world for business.

No, make that a vacation – the story will be better that way.

And since some drugs that are illegal in the US are legal in other parts of the world, you decide to perhaps partake of something that you might be a little uncomfortable taking in the safety of your own private home.

Yes, you’re travelling around the world to get high.  And to get high for the least amount of money possible.

Where do you go?  Where’s your destination?

It all depends on what drugs you’re interested in taking.  That’s why the UN OFFICE OF DRUGS AND CRIME have released THESE LISTS of where you can find the MOST EXPENSIVE and LEAST EXPENSIVE DRUGS in the world:

  • POT – least expensive is India, at $0.08 per gram.  Most expensive is the United Arab Emirates.
  • COCAINE – least expensive is Bolivia (naturally).  Most expensive is Australia (at $300 per gram)
  • MDMA:  Cheapest in Poland. Priciest in Myanmar
  • HEROIN:  Kenya is the cheapest. Brunei is most expensive.
  • METH: Head to Laos to save money. Australia for the pricey stuff
  • CIGARETTES: Pakistan is almost $1 per pack. Australia will run you over $16 per pack
  • BEER:  Vietnam for cheap, Iran for costly