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Video Fun: Dad interrogates son about smoking pot

Strange things afoot at the Circle K.

Watch what happens when parents question their children about smoking pot.


Which is healthier – pot or alcohol?

As more and more states move towards legalizing marijuana, it’s natural that people who may not partaken of smoking a little bit of the wacky weed may try a little bit since they wouldn’t feel like they’re doing anything illegal.

How to make Marijuana Beer
How to Make Marijuana Beer


How much milk does a hand-milked cow produce?

Cow milking world championships are not without controversy.  Who moo?


The Small-Scale Dairy: The Complete Guide to Milk Production for the Home and Market
The Small-Scale Dairy:
The Complete Guide to Milk Production for the Home and Market

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Where are the most expensive illegal drugs sold in the world?

Let’s say that you’re travelling around the world for business.

No, make that a vacation – the story will be better that way.

And since some drugs that are illegal in the US are legal in other parts of the world, you decide to perhaps partake of something that you might be a little uncomfortable taking in the safety of your own private home.

Yes, you’re travelling around the world to get high.  And to get high for the least amount of money possible.

Where do you go?  Where’s your destination?


The more sex you have, the more likely you are to abuse alcohol or drugs

Web Watch has long heard the old adage that too much alcohol and drugs would lead to too much sex, whether it be promiscuous college adventures after druken fraternity parties with your secret crush or something more dubious from club dates or online hookups.

But all that may just be a precursor to what really happens later in life, especially with women (men, not so much)…

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Proof that all Facebook users are alcoholic, drug-taking, irresponsible losers

They say that everything that you post on the Internet becomes part of the public record, and could affect you down the road if a potential employer decides to do a little social media digging to see whether you really would be a good employee or not.

Sure, some things could be attributed to a little venting in your status updates, but there’s also the possibility of trends emerging that you may not see unless you’re looking at your profile with a fresh set of eyes.

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Beyond hand sanitizer: 10 other things that teenagers are using to get high

Remember when Web Watch told you about “butt chugging”, one of the latest teenager trends for getting high, drinking, or doing drugs?

Well, as soon as one fad goes out of fashion, another one comes into vogue — and by now, Web Watch is sure that you’ve already heard about those kids who are trying to get high via hand sanitizer.



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Latest trend in teenage drinking techniques? Vodka-soaked tampons and “butt chugging”

Smirnoff Vodka

Parents — there’s a disturbing new trend amongst teenagers who are trying to get drunk in the most unique ways possible.

A few years ago, dropping shots of vodka directly into your eyes was the allegedly go-to way to get an instant buzz on.  Today’s kids are a bit more creative: