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Video Fun: How to sneak alcohol onto a cruise ship

It’s a game played everywhere around the world:

Tourists find ways to sneak alcohol onto cruise ships, and cruise ships do everything they can to prevent their guests from doing so.

Web Watch has seen cases of beer and liquor be confiscated time and time again when unsuspecting passengers attempt to circumvent the ship’s rules about bringing contraband onboard.

We completely understand, and would never dream of trying to sneak any excess liquor onto our next cruise vacation by replacing the shampoo in a bottle with Kahlua.

That’s just nasty.

Rum Runner Cruise Set
Rum Runner Cruise Set

And we would never recommend that anyone buy the Rum Runner Cruise Set in order to stowaway liquor in food-grade plastic that could be discreetly packed away around the outside edge of your suitcase.

So what’s the proper way to sneak alcohol onto a cruise ship?

Just watch the video and see for yourself.  But the important thing to remember is NOT to get caught doing this.  Web Watch will not be held responsible for your flagrant disregard of your ship’s rules.