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How to avoid getting norovirus on a cruise ship

Cruise ship.  Norovirus.

These two words, when seen together, can cause panic amongst new cruise ship vacationers who don’t know what they’re about to get themselves into.

Just a little bit of E.Coli can cause significant gastronomical distress on a cruise ship, and no amount of handwashing or Purell will erase the memory of a vacation gone bad in the aftermath of spending day upon day stuck (almost literally) to your stateroom toilet.

You’ll be lucky if you have a balcony – at least then you’d be able to air out the room and maybe see a little bit of the sights inbetween your bathroom runs.

Top 100 Cruising Tips for Beginners
Top 100 Cruising Tips for Beginners

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Video Fun: How to sneak alcohol onto a cruise ship

It’s a game played everywhere around the world:

Tourists find ways to sneak alcohol onto cruise ships, and cruise ships do everything they can to prevent their guests from doing so.

Web Watch has seen cases of beer and liquor be confiscated time and time again when unsuspecting passengers attempt to circumvent the ship’s rules about bringing contraband onboard.

We completely understand, and would never dream of trying to sneak any excess liquor onto our next cruise vacation by replacing the shampoo in a bottle with Kahlua.

That’s just nasty.

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Seven rights you don’t have when you take a cruise

What You Need to Know About Your First Cruise - Cruise Like a Pro Your First Time
What You Need to Know About Your First Cruise – Cruise Like a Pro Your First Time

Have you ever taken a cruise before?

Well, they’re a lot of fun.  And not filled with old people playing shuffleboard.  Of course, it helps if you’re able to take a cruise with a large group of people, so you always have someone fun to hang out with besides your Significant Other.

But let’s keep in mind that a cruise ship is its own entity – especially when it gets out into International Waters, where almost anything can happen when you’re outside of a specific country’s jurisdiction.

So in order to keep order, cruise lines have tiny fine print on the back of their tickets (maybe not literally, but at least figuratively) that you have to sign away on when you agree to board the boat.