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Video Fun: How to avoid a hangover

What’s the one thing everyone with a hangover always says?

“I’m NEVER going to drink again”

“I’m never going to drink THAT again”

“I’m never going to drink like that AGAIN”


And yet, after a few days pass, what do you find yourself doing?

That’s right – belly up to the bar buying shots for the room.  It’s in your blood – literally – and you just know you’re going to have another killer hangover someday.

But there are ways to avoid a hangover.

For some, it just comes down to watching what you drink.  For some, tequila is the worst.  Others can pound beer after beer, but can’t have a single glass of wine without suffering in the morning.

But there are some scientific reasoning behind the below video entitled WHICH ALCOHOL GIVES THE WORST HANGOVER?


Now we could ruin the whole thing for you and just tell you which alcohol is the best one to drink to minimize hangovers, but our own experience will tell you that there is a slight flaw in this tale IF you happen to mix the suggested liquor with cherry 7-Up.  That Cherry 7-UP, while tasty, will hammer you every time.

What’s your method for avoiding hangovers?