The #1 reason why 80% of Facebook users should just quit Facebook tomorrow

Were you one of the lucky ones who decided to buy Facebook stock on opening day?

Lucky, only if you also sold it immediately.   If you decided to take a long approach of buy-and-hold, you’re probably cursing the banks and others that drove the IPO price as high as it did.

So it ends up that right now, Facebook doesn’t have a lot of fans.  For financial reasons, due to the rapidly declining stock price.  For personal reasons, by posting a legally-meaningless “you don’t have rights to access my profile” status update.

Look – it’s quite easy.  If you hate everything about Facebook — just stop using it.  Life marched on for years without Facebook, and life will continue to exist for you once you stop using it.

People who will only be your friend online and not IRL (that’s “in real life”) were not really your friends.  People who beg you to play Words with Friends with them but turn their noses up at playing a real-world game of Scrabble are not those you’d want to play against anyway.

Facebook Logout: Experiences and Reasons to Leave it
Facebook Logout: Experiences and Reasons to Leave it

Here’s even more evidence that FACEBOOK IS UTTERLY, COMPLETELY USELESS – especially for businesses or organizations that are trying to curry favor:

80% of Facebook users have never bought a product or service due to comments or Likes they’ve seen posted on Facebook.

34% of Facebook users are spending less time on Facebook than they were just six months ago.   Heck, 21% of Americans surveyed said that they’re not on Facebook at all!

What it comes down to is that email and direct mail is much more effective in consumer influence than is whatever Facebook is promoting.

So if you’re a business that’s focused on using Facebook, you may want to reconsider whether that is a proper use of your marketing time and money compared to other marketing methods you may employ.