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Video Fun: Celebrities Act Out Children’s Stories

Parents –

Do you have one of those ultra-creative kids, who are always making their own drawings, telling stories, or acting out their own plays?

One never knows when a spark of genius from a 5-year-old will result in a multi-million dollar movie deal sometime down the road.  See, parents — THIS is why you always want to encourage kids to be as creative as possible.  One never knows when big time Hollywood directors and actors will take a shine to what your kid thinks up in their head and decides to produce a movie based on your child’s ideas.

Creative Storytelling: Choosing, Inventing, & Sharing Tales for Children
Creative Storytelling: Choosing, Inventing, & Sharing Tales for Children

What do we mean?

Take a look at this series of videos entitled WRITTEN BY A KID, where top level Hollywood executives (like Joss Whedon and friends) act out stories that are told to them by those overly-creative kids we told you about earlier.

Check out some of the episodes that have been produced thus far:

Written by a Kid: Scary Smash

Written by a Kid: Goth Boy

Written by a Kid: La Munkya

Written by a kid: Rainbow Town

So if you have a kid lying around your house, why not ask them to put a story together for you — and instead of having them act out the story at your next party get-together, why not have all you drunken parents act out your child’s story for them instead?

It’ll be loads of laughs for everyone, and your kids will love you for it.