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Life in the air: Funny Airplane Pilot Stories

Not every office is as entertaining as others, but a job is only a job if you aren’t able to find some humor in it.

Some jobs lend themselves to storytelling more than others, and this is one story-filled website (and book!) that we’ve stumbled upon for your amusement.

4-Day Follies
4-Day Follies: A year in the life of an airplane pilot

4-DAY FOLLIES is a blog (turned into a book) about life as an airplane pilot, written by an anonymous pilot who — from the looks of things written about — really loves his alcohol, hates his car, and seems to run into annoyances everywhere he goes.

From wacky passengers, bad hotel layovers, problems in the cockpit, and annoying co-workers, you will learn an awful lot about what it’s like to work in the airline industry.

Remember, airline crew only get paid while they’re in the air, and they’re not allowed to work more than 8 hours in a single day — so those long haul flights are not always the most profitable ones to be assigned to, if you’re trying to earn money.

So the author turns to keen observations in humor as a way to kill the time.  It’s enough to make a book about, so pop over and read what it’s like to be an airplane pilot, four days at a time.