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Video Fun: A music video in one single take by Eytan and The Embassy

Web Watch has covered one-take music videos before, such as this LIP DUB.

And considering how hard it is to make a video in one take, the coordination involved, etc – doing one well is when we should take notice and remind people what videos are supposed to be about.

Everything Changes by Eytan and The Embassy
Everything Changes
Eytan and The Embassy

So check out the video clip below of the song EVERYTHING CHANGES by EYTAN AND THE EMBASSY.

How many celebrity cameo appearances did you see?  Web Watch will start you off:  John Lennon, Jim Morrison, Bob Dylan…  There are 18 celebrity impersonations total, so try to name them all.

It only took 34 takes to get it done right. Check out the “Behind the Scenes” video here: