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What type of smartphone are you using? (Some people don’t know…)

Without looking, can you tell Web Watch what type of phone you have?

Who made it?  What operating system it’s running?

Well, chances are — because Web Watch readers tend to be smarter than the average bear — you can tell us what type of phone you have.  You may not get the operating system quite right, and a few of you may not know your phone’s manufacturer.

Well, it ends up that not knowing may put you in the majority.

Android Vampire
Android Vampire

According to a RECENT SURVEY BY THE Roxy Palace Online Casino, most people have absolutely no idea what type of smartphone they have – or if they even have a smartphone at all!

First, let’s get one thing out of the way, shall we?

DROID is a brand name for a phone.  ANDROID is the operating system that the DROID branded phone runs.  Not every Android phone is a Droid.

Now that we’ve covered that, let’s get to the survey results:

  • 98% knew that Apple makes the iPhone
  • 64% thought that Blackberry was the name of the company that makes the Blackberry phone.  (It’s not.  The name of the company is Research in Motion, or RIM.  Blackberry is the brand name for the phone device.)
  • 54% of those surveyed were able to describe what a “tablet” was.,.. but 85% knew what an iPad was.

The survey proved that marketers are doing a great job of marketing individual products to the point that they become synonymous with the company’s offerings.   For example, how many of you know that Microsoft (as of this writing) doesn’t make PCs?   Oh sure, they may be releasing some tablet thing later this year… but that will be a new product entry for them.  The Zune and XBox aside, Microsoft has really done very little in terms of physical products vs their Windows and Office software products.