Trending: Brides prefer cotton over silk

It’s June, which means that every young woman’s heart turns to marriage.  And more importantly, weddings.

There’s nothing more special than a June bride (says everyone who has been a June bride).  That walk down the aisle, when the entire wedding party turns to look at you in your radiant white dress.  The music swells, the tissues come out…

All that pomp and circumstance for what?  Just to be able to wear one dress for one time, and then to put it away in a dress bag to hang in the back of your closet until you finally decide to throw that thing out.

Satin A Line Wedding Dress with Empire Bodice
Satin A Line Wedding Dress with Empire Bodice

It ends up that today’s brides are being a lot more reasonable with their dress selections than they have in the past.  COTTON INCORPORATED conducted a survey to determine the MOST IMPORTANT WEDDING GOWN FEATURES that brides were looking for today.

Here’s some of what they found:

  • The most important features of a wedding dress were:  fit, style, proce, comfort, and fiber content (in that order).
  • While 58% of those surveyed said that they preferred a silk wedding gown, 13% said that they’ll take cotton.  Other fabrics that were mentioned after cotton were polyester, rayon, and linen.
  • When asked why they would purchase a cotton wedding dress, one of the reasons they mentioned was the “breathability” of cotton.
  • The average price women would pay for the “perfect” wedding dress was $809.  When just those women who made over $75,000 were asked, that “perfect” wedding dress cost increased to $1,083.

With all this talk of the comfort of cotton, there was no word on whether this survey also covered the wearing of BRIDAL DIAPERS or not.

Web Watch will assume it didn’t.