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How many apps does a person need on their smartphone?

Show of hands – how many of you own a smartphone (Apple’s iPhone, Google’s Android primarily)?

That’s right – we know that while the vast majority of you did raise your hand proudly waving your mini-computer around, there are still a fairly substanial number of you who still proudly sport a flip phone or other non-smartphone around in your pocket.

And that’s okay.  For you, you can skip over this post knowing that you’ve made the right decision.

How’s that?

It’s because we’re about to tell you how smartphone users are really no different from flipphone users, when it comes right down to it.

How NOT To Write an App: A reality check for budding app developers
How NOT To Write an App:
A reality check for budding app developers

How so?

Well, what’s the primary reason you still use a flip phone (or “feature phone”)?  It’s to make phone calls.

You don’t need all those fancy whiz-bang apps and gadgets and gizmos to make your phone useful.

And ACCORDING TO NEW RELIC, an app monitoring service, neither do smartphone users.

  • More than 60% of all apps in the Apple iTunes App Store have never been downloaded.  Ever.
  • A large majority of apps might be lucky to be downloaded even once per day, if at all.  And that’s being overly generous.
  • 25% of the apps that are downloaded are never used again beyond their initial download-and-try.
  • The average person has 41 apps on their smartphone
  • The average person only uses less than eight apps a day

So why do you have a smartphone in the first place?  Why not list your favorite must-have apps in the comments below… and WHY you think that app is important enough to be on a Must-Have list…