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Pictures of Couples Who Dress Alike, but aren’t twins. (Don’t be these people)

It’s almost Halloween time, and that time of year when spouses everwhere dread those two awful words:

“Couples’ Costume”

You never want to be THAT couple at a Halloween party, where your costume depends on your spouse to be around in order to complete the picture.  You don’t want to be dressed as an electric plug, and not have your outlet nearby – if you know what we mean.

Not All Twins Are Alike: Psychological Profiles of Twinship
Not All Twins Are Alike: Psychological Profiles of Twinship

So while twins can get away with dressing like each other (usually on purpose, later in life — because you know, it’s fun!), there are also those couples that thrive on that sense of belonging and partnership that come from dressing alike.

At least on The Amazing Race, the “dress alike” plan has more to do with wearing matching colors so TV viewers can tell the teams apart more than anything else.

But here is one photoblog that you don’t want to appear on if you’re the kind of person who got suckered into wearing matching outfits while out and about on holiday:  RUMMY COUPLES.     It’s quite simple:  just a blog of photos of two people caught in the wild, who are wearing practically similar outfits.

Take a look at the photos — yeah, you don’t want to be one of THESE people now, do you?