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How to Dress like the Tiger Woods “Cigar Guy”

Groucho Marx Poster
Groucho Marx Poster

You know that PERFECTLY TIMED SPORTS PHOTO that been going around the Internet this last week?

You know the one – it’s where Tiger Woods hit an errant chip shot at this year’s RYDER CUP that went directly at a photographer’s camera?

Well, we’re not here to talk about Tiger or his golf skill… we’re here to talk about THE CIGAR GUY. He’s the one that turned a phenomenal golf photo into an Internet sensation.Yes, just like WOODY ALLEN’S ZELIG, or TOM HANK’S FORREST GUMP, THE CIGAR GUY has found himself Photoshopped into dozens of historical events in a “you are there” meme.

So Web Watch got to thinking about THE CIGAR GUY and how perfect the timing of his appearance is.  Our thought? 


So Web Watch scoured the Internet to find you the best ways to DRESS LIKE THE CIGAR GUY FOR HALLOWEEN.

On the surface, it should be quite easy:  a wacky brown wig, a fake Groucho mustache, and an enormous cigar.  But it’s much more than that, to really pull it off you need the following:

  • A navy jacket with pale-blue collar trim
  • Blue slacks
  • A white collared shirt (wide collar, if possible)
  • Blue sweater
  • White shoes, preferably with some red trim

Now, some sites are saying that IT’S NOT A WIG, IT’S A TURBAN.  But the concept is the same – fake mustache, wacky headgear, and a giant cigar.

Heck, if more than one of you show up at the party dressed like this, then you could make your own meme photobomb.

JOHN may have the BEST HALLOWEEN COSTUME VARIATION of all:  don’t just dress like Cigar Guy… dress like SLUTTY CIGAR GUY.

Because, after all – isn’t THAT what Halloween costume parties are REALLY about?