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How To Figure Out How Much Your Sandwich Costs

Noon rolls around and you have to ask yourself – what do I want to have for lunch?

Do I buy that $4.59 sub sandwich at the grocery store?

Do I get the $2.99 Extra Value Meal at the local fast-food restaurant?

What about bringing my lunch to work?  Everyone says that it’s cheaper to bring a sandwich than it is to buy one while you’re out… but the expense and planning of having to get a loaf of bread, some cold cuts and cheeses, a condiment or two… that’s a pretty expensive outing too, isn’t it?

Or maybe making your own sandwich isn’t as expensive as you thought.  All you have to do is use the SANDWICH PRICE CALCULATOR to determine exactly how expensive your homemade sandwich actually is.

Just enter what ingredients you’re using from a list that will result in a double-decker sandwich featuring two types of meat, cheese, mayo or mustard, lettuce/tomatos/sprouts… even the old peanut butter and jelly standbys.   When you’re done making your selections, click CALCULATE and you’ll see whether you’re making a good dining decision by making your own sandwich at home – or if you’re getting royally screwed and should have headed out with the gang instead.