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Video Fun: Hit In The Nuts

Nut CupIf there is one thing that 20 years of AMERICA’S FUNNIEST HOME VIDEOS has taught us, it’s that watching other people get hit in the nuts is not only funny to watch, but it’s also potentially worth some money.

Heck, Johnny Knoxville and gang made two movies and at least three different TV shows that pretty much focused on figuring out different ways to hit each other in the balls on a regular basis.

So of course you knew that there would be a website devoted to videos of people getting socked in the family jewels:  HIT IN THE NUTZ is that site.

The best part – not only can you browse their library of over 100 different groin shots, but you can submit your own painful childhood memory. 

Yup, watching folks get hit in the nuts is definitely funny.