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The Best Sandwich in Every State

At Web Watch, we travel for food.

Sometimes, it’s about the journey. But if the food is fantastic, it’s definitely about the destination.

So if you’re looking for a road trip or something to kill time on a weekend, why not hit the road to try some of these fantastic sandwiches? Even better question: how many have YOU tried?

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Are you a roadkill killer? Chances are – yes, yes you are.

Web Watch sees it every day.

Animal carcasses by the side of the road.  Usually it’s a skunk or an opposum.

Sometimes a raccoon.  Occasionally a rabbit.  Wild animals that just don’t know how to cross a road safely (which may explain why we never see a chicken at the side of the road — apparently, chickens know how to cross the road).

Once in a while we see a deer.

We even saw a dead moose once.  No idea how the car that hit that monstrosity survived.