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The Twelve Fastest Street Legal Cars You Can Own

Who hasn’t dreamed of owning a super-fast car?

Sure, it’s not practical in today’s environment.  Suburban commutes don’t allow for anything that can’t handle stop-and-go traffic, and many of the FASTEST CARS IN THE WORLD can’t accommodate a child safety seat – probably for good reason.

Fast Car
Fast Car


Singing in the car can lead to accidents

Driving experts had long believed that when you are on a long road trip and feeling a bit groggy behind the wheel, there were a few things that you could try to keep your mind focused on the task at hand.

  • Rolling down the window, letting fresh air into the car
  • Turning on the air conditioner rather than keeping the heat on
  • Singing along with the radio

Well, it ends up that one of the above may kill you.

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Are you a roadkill killer? Chances are – yes, yes you are.

Web Watch sees it every day.

Animal carcasses by the side of the road.  Usually it’s a skunk or an opposum.

Sometimes a raccoon.  Occasionally a rabbit.  Wild animals that just don’t know how to cross a road safely (which may explain why we never see a chicken at the side of the road — apparently, chickens know how to cross the road).

Once in a while we see a deer.

We even saw a dead moose once.  No idea how the car that hit that monstrosity survived.