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The Best Times of Day to Visit the Doctor

There are two places that people dread visiting: the DMV and the doctor’s office.

For whatever reason, both places tend to make your visit an excruciating painful routine of waiting, waiting, and more waiting.

While Web Watch can’t help you with the DMV, we can help you with your doctor visits.  Common sense says to book your doctor’s visit first thing in the morning, before they get backed up with patients that talk too much or have more complicated issues than you do.

But is that really the best time?


Texting while driving is dangerous. So is this…

Do you know what the texting-while-driving laws are where you live?

What about in states that you don’t live in, but travel to frequently?

Right – so you may know what you can or can’t do in the car in your own home state, but since these rules are so random, it’s hard to know what you should be aware of when you’re just passing through.

Don't Text and DriveDon’t Text and Drive

News shopping

Is this the most offensive birthday card ever?

The other day, Web Watch was browsing through various birthday cards at the local Target, trying to find The Perfect Card for a friend.

When picking out a birthday card, one always has to take into consideration whether the recipient shares the same sense of humor (if you go for a funny card), can appreciate a joke at their aging expense, or if you need to go the safe route and go with a sappy poem or note that more honestly conveys how you really feel about your relationship with that friend.

Friends seldom offer cards to each other – it’s more of a family thing, we believe.  With friends, it’s easier to just go out for a drink and celebrate the birthday event with them.

But when your friends live across the country, then sending a card is almost the same thing as being there – especially if you get the sentiment just right.

Amusement Park Death Song
Amusement Park Death Song
by Wally Pleasant, from the album Wally World


Singing in the car can lead to accidents

Driving experts had long believed that when you are on a long road trip and feeling a bit groggy behind the wheel, there were a few things that you could try to keep your mind focused on the task at hand.

  • Rolling down the window, letting fresh air into the car
  • Turning on the air conditioner rather than keeping the heat on
  • Singing along with the radio

Well, it ends up that one of the above may kill you.