Hear that? November 27th is the National Day of Listening.

How to ListenNovember 27th is the NATIONAL DAY OF LISTENING, brought to you by StoryCorps.

What is the National Day of Listening all about? It’s about, well, listening.

Listening to your loved ones, family members, friends, co-workers, neighbors… anyone, really, who has something to say.

The purpose behind the National Day of Listening is to encourage people to reach out to those who have a story to tell, and to catalog and record those stories for future generations.

Hundreds of years ago, storytelling was an art form.  Stories would be passed down from generation to generation.  “Tell that story again, Grandpa” was a common refrain heard in the evening’s candlelight. 

But with today’s technologic distractions, sitting around the campfire (or dinner table, for that matter) is becoming truly a thing of the past – and you may find that some of those stories that most need to be heard are being lost to future generations.

So take the time on November 27th to set up you portable recorder or digital camera, and sit down with someone who you want to know better – and listen.