Oct 9th-16th is “National Feel Your Boobies Week”

Pink Ribbon Cookie CutterOctober is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and the week of October 9th-16th is NATIONAL FEEL YOUR BOOBIES WEEK.

And to encourage everybody to feel their boobs on a regular basis, everyone is urged to make their own boob-a-licious avatar graphic over at BOOBICON ME.

Just upload your favorite photo of yourself or your favorite pet, friend, or significant other – select an appropriate caption that best describes how you feel about making everyone feel their own boobs, and create a pink-tinged graphic suitable for framing and sending around in email this week.

The concept behind the “Feel Your Boobies” campaign is best summed up with this from their website:

We know that research shows that simply “feeling your boobies” (aka “breast awareness) is just as effective at identifying lumps or other breast changes as the traditional step-by-step process of “breast self-exams”. And that’s exactly why we’re here — to give you “a friendly reminder when you least expect it.”

So go ahead – feel your boobies.  Tell your friends to feel theirs.

The world will be a happier place if everyone just went around talking about feeling boobs on a regular basis, wouldn’t it?