Like your doctor? Hate your doctor? Here’s one way to share your opinion with others

The Medical Entrepreneur: Pearls, Pitfalls and Practical Business Advice for Doctors
The Medical Entrepreneur: Pearls, Pitfalls and Practical Business Advice for Doctors

Web Watch knows a number of doctors and other medical professionals, and the ones that we know are all extremely competent at their profession (based on our experience and what they’ve shared with us).  At the very least, we know that the way our medical staff works and plays is completely different from what we see on those TV medical dramas.  Really – does every doctor sleep with every other doctor? 

Don’t answer that.  Some things we don’t really need to know.

The point is that at some time in your life you will either (a) need to find a doctor, due to changes in insurance plans or other reasons; or (b) have either the most awesome — or worst — medical experience and you just need to get the word out about doctors that everyone should go see, along with the ones that maybe aren’t as wonderful as they may think they are.

That’s where a website like RATEMDs comes into the picture (warning – the site is reportedly not very Internet Explorer friendly, so you may want to use FireFox or other browser alternative).

Just search for your favorite physicians and you can see what other patients have had to say about their experiences.  If you register, then you can post your own summary and ratings.

Posing this as close to a disclaimer as we can: remember, if you’re thinking of posting something negative on the RATE MDs site, be sure to stick solely to the facts and leave out any opinion or other embellishment.  Besides, truth is always stranger than fiction.

Why do we feel the need to warn Web Watch readers to be truthful in their postings on that site?  Because MALALIGNED DOCTORS HAVE SUED over allegedly libelous comments made on the Rate MDs site.  One doctor even sued for over $12 million in damages.

So check out your own physicians to see how they rate.  Chances are, if they’re still your doctor then you should be pretty happy with them and the ratings you see on the site shouldn’t be a surprise to you. 

But sometimes… just maybe… there might be something that you hadn’t noticed before that is better to have been brought to your attention.  If this is the case, then Rate MDs has done their job.