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If you have ever downloaded anything illegally, you may want to visit this site

BitTorrent for Dummies
BitTorrent for Dummies

Remember how much fun Napster was, back in the day?

Yeah, well Napster is officially gone now.

What about LimeWire?  KaZaa?   Yeah, you shouldn’t be using those either.

Nope, whether you agree with the legalities (or lack thereof) of those sites, none of the old fun “file sharing” apps and websites are valid anymore, thanks to the movie and music industry.

And the proliferation of $0.99 songs and apps on the iTunes store.  That kinda helped a little bit.

Of course, you always have that peer-to-peer sharing via BitTorrent, which is a legitimate way to legally share giant files amongst people who need them.  Unfortunately, a few bad apples had to go and ruin BitTorrent for everyone else too, by using BT as a way to throw around pirated movies and music.

So you go to any of those Torrent Tracker websites and find the file that you’re looking for, then download it.

Think you’re in the clear?

Probably not.  Your IP address has been tracked and noted.

That’s why you may want to visit YOU HAVE DOWNLOADED to see what public information is out there about files that you have accessed across the Internet.

They’ve tracked over 53 million users and almost 2 million different files and identified tons of different IP addresses that have done things either legally or allegedly illegally, depending on the file being tracked, of course — there are some legitimate torrents out there.

The most popular content is music and movies, and the biggest downloaders are in China and the US.

So what we’re trying to say here is that if you’re going to go about and download something, you may want to watch out — someone is always watching you.