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What TV, movie and game torrents are most popular?

Bittorrent is a way to share digital files on the Internet by sharing little bits of those files among dozens upon dozens of other people’s computers.

While a legitimate way to circulate large files legally, computer-savvy folks have taken to using torrent files to distribute copyrighted material illegally.

It’s not really a question of IF illegal activity is being done via torrents, but more a question of HOW MUCH TORRENTING IS GOING ON around the country?

That’s what MOVOTO did in their research, looking at state-by-state statistics of torrent activity.  They’ve been able to determine the following:

  • The Most Popular TV Shows being torrented by state
  • The Most Popular Movies being torrented by state
  • The Most Popular Video Games being torrented by state

For example, if you live in Seattle you probably are watching Penny Dreadful, playing Watch Dogs, and taking in some Neighbors.

Des Moines is hanging out with the Wolf of Wall Street, The Sims 3, and catching up with some Game of Thrones.

(Actually, Game of Thrones, Penny Dreadful, 24, Fargo, and the Big Bang Theory are pretty much the most popular TV shows being torrented across the entire country. No need to pick on any one state or other for that. We understand)