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The best path to success is to drink beer AND coffee

When it comes to beverages, there are COFFEE PEOPLE and NON-COFFEE PEOPLE.

There are also people who LIKE BEER and those who HATE BEER.

Some parents have even gotten into the habit of lying to their children about coffee – telling them that you must be 16 years old before you could legally buy or drink coffee at all, putting coffee squarely into the “adult beverages” world that is usually exclusively assigned to alcohol.

Coffee Beer Bong
Coffee Beer Bong

And after looking at PLAYBOY PARTY SCHOOL RANKINGS, it’s not very surprising that many of the TOP PARTY SCHOOLS in the country, where beer is king, are also very well regarded academically.

So when a study came along to ask the question whether BEER OR COFFEE IS BETTER FOR THE BRAIN, the end results may surprise you – because the answer is “both”.

It ends up that both alcohol and caffeine offer different stimuli to encourage different types of brain activity.

Want to be MORE CREATIVE? Get drunk.  Have a beer or two.  And maybe go for a walk or have a few minutes of personal time in the bathroom.  Anything to help free your mind a little bit.

Want to be MORE PRODUCTIVE? Get busy, and suck down some caffeine.  But don’t do this so late in the day that it kills your sleep pattern.

What about caffeinated beer?  Probably won’t provide you the same brainy results you were hoping for versus a more dedicated drinking approach.