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The ideal time of day to drink your morning coffee

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning or arrive at the office?

You hang out in the kitchen and brew that first, most important pot of morning coffee in anticipation of that first sweet taste of caffeine.

But are you really doing your body and brain the best good by drinking your morning coffee at that particular time of the day?  Maybe… or maybe not.  Let’s find out…

Tassimo Maxwell House Cafe Collection Mild Morning Blend Coffee
Tassimo Maxwell House Cafe Collection
Mild Morning Blend Coffee

According to THIS NEUROSCIENCE STUDY, you shouldn’t be drinking your coffee first thing in the morning.

In fact, you may even want to wait a few hours before downing that first cup at all!

It’s tied to your body’s cortisol levels and your circadian rhythms, which vary throughout the day.

You want to have your coffee and its associated caffeine spike when your alertness levels are dropping off or bottoming out, not rising and peaking.  Why add caffeine and that extra jolt it provides if your body doesn’t really need it right then?

Studies have shown that the average cortisol peaks are between 8am – 9am, 12pm – 1pm, and 5:30pm – 6:30pm.  So while different people have different peaks and you’ll need to find your own ideal cycle, if we use the average as an example, that first morning coffee would best be served for you as those spikes are dropping off… say around 9:30am.

What’s your thought?  Can you live your mornings without coffee?  Have you tried pushing your coffee intake back by an extra hour to see if it helps push you further than if you had it earlier in the morning?