Today’s Fun Fact: 1 in 3 men age 75 to 95 remain sexually active

Viagra Candidate
Viagra Candidate

In a study published by the ANNALS OF INTERNAL MEDICINE, researches say that 33% of men between the ages of 75-95 remain sexually active.

The study, entitled PREVALENCE OF SEXUAL ACTIVITY AND ASSOCIATED FACTORS IN MEN AGED 75 TO 95 YEARS, asked over 3000 men from Australia about their sexual habits.

  • 48% of men said that sex was somewhat important.
  • 30.8% had at least one sexual encounter in the past 12 months
  • Of those 30.8%, 56.5% were satisfied with the frequency of activity, but 40.3% would like to have sex more often.

The results weren’t necessarily surprising to the researchers.  Health problems can lead to decreased sexual activity – and as people age, their health problems tend to be more pronounced.

Still, it gives credence to the old joke about how often old people have sex:

“We have sex almost every night:  We almost had sex on Monday, we almost had sex on Tuesday, …”