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Video Fun: How to get people to do ANYTHING, doing this one simple trick! (yes, it’s MAGIC!)

Would you believe how easy it can be to get people to do ANYTHING you ask them to do? And for the most part, at their own volition?

All you have to do is ask. It’s that simple.

Or is it? Because most people are a bit too intimidated to ask people to do random strange things in public, right?

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Criss Angel Platinum Magic Kit

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The Magician’s Code of Ethics

The number one rule in magic is “never give away your secrets, never tell them how it’s done.”

While Penn & Teller may disagree with the premise (seeing how they’ve built their entire career off of revealing their own and other magicians’ secrets in their act), the concept is still valid.  Half the fun of seeing a high-quality magic act is the suspension of disbelief that the audience can have for those two hours.

Standing on a pole in the middle of a park isn’t “magic” in the traditional sense. There is no hidden trick, no amount of misdirection can alleviate the amount of effort it can take to stand still for hours on end… with or without a supportive device to lean on at times.  Not saying that David Blaine used something like that — but Web Watch would if we were forced into doing that type of stunt ourselves.


Didn’t see this coming: Psychic ability doesn’t really exist

Some people are naturally really really good at guessing.

Some are so good at this type of analysis, that their “guesses” can come across as an emphatic psychic power.

Web Watch recalls an experiment that we did once, where we had to read the mind of someone across the room and determine what figure had been drawn on piece of paper.

The first one was easy:  a circle.  Anybody would have a 50-50 chance at coming up with that one. 

The next one was also easy (although we forget whether it was a square, triangle, or other geometric shape), and we got that one correct as well.

It was the third one that cemented in our minds that there can be such a talent as being a mind-reader:


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And if the Society of American Magicians convention being held in Atlanta, Georgia on June 30-July 3, 2010 is even half as much fun and exciting as the 2009 convention in Buffalo, New York was – then by golly, Atlanta’s going to burn again!

Funny Video

Proof that Monkeys Hate David Blaine and Criss Angel, but Love Penn & Teller

Here it is – proof that monkeys definitely do not like some magicians, a grouping that Web Watch can only assume includes David Blaine and Criss Angel, as they also seem to have their detractors.

We are sure, however, that Penn & Teller are still wildly popular with the chimps.   Probably because Penn & Teller purposefully give away the secrets to how their tricks are done.

How can we tell?  Watch the video below.  Besides, once you’ve seen a chimpanzee riding on a Segway, these are things that you just know.