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Do you believe in magic? REAL magic? Maybe you should…

Web Watch readers know that Web Watch appreciates a good magic show.

The key for us in watching a good magic show is being able to escape from the practical, logical mind and stop wondering about how David Copperfield or Penn & Teller do their acts and enjoy the illusions for what they are.  As the old saying goes, don’t ruin the magic.

The illusions aren’t the same once you know how they’re done, or at least have thought of a plausible way for the trick to be accomplished.  You spend all your time looking for the hook and not appreciating the trick for the trick.


Society of American Magicians Convention – June 30, 2010 in Atlanta. RSVP Today!

Presto - Alec stuffed rabbit plush from PixarIs it really almost 2010?

And if the Society of American Magicians convention being held in Atlanta, Georgia on June 30-July 3, 2010 is even half as much fun and exciting as the 2009 convention in Buffalo, New York was – then by golly, Atlanta’s going to burn again!

Funny Video

Proof that Monkeys Hate David Blaine and Criss Angel, but Love Penn & Teller

Here it is – proof that monkeys definitely do not like some magicians, a grouping that Web Watch can only assume includes David Blaine and Criss Angel, as they also seem to have their detractors.

We are sure, however, that Penn & Teller are still wildly popular with the chimps.   Probably because Penn & Teller purposefully give away the secrets to how their tricks are done.

How can we tell?  Watch the video below.  Besides, once you’ve seen a chimpanzee riding on a Segway, these are things that you just know.