Why Natasha and Maya hate Bailey and Brittney

Your parents went through a lot in coming up with your name.

Little did they know that what they decided to name you would forever brand you by others – simply because of who you are.  


Women: is the Portia Hypothesis holding you back at work?

Women – how well are you doing in your career?  Do you feel you’re overly successful, or do you see yourself being held back for no real reason whatsoever?

Perhaps your issue isn’t with the work you do, but maybe it’s YOU.  All due to the PORTIA HYPOTHESIS.

People are the Name of the Game: How to be More Successful in Your Career--and Life
People are the Name of the Game:
How to be More Successful in Your Career–and Life

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Top 12 Trendiest Baby Names of All Time

Baby names are very important to get right.

Web Watch has heard parents struggle with getting the name of their offspring exactly right, that the monogram isn’t weird, or that they aren’t going to subject their kids to unmerciless teasing because their name just happens to rhyme with “fart”.

Kids can be cruel, but parents can be unintentionally cruel as well.

Hobart Handler
Hobart Handler

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The real names of fictional characters

As you get closer to the birth of your new baby, you may start to wonder whether you should stick with a name from one of those baby books, or whether you should go off the beaten path and name your child after, let’s say, your favorite character.

Some people have done this successfully, such as Penn Jillette of Penn & Teller who (with his wife’s blessing, we assume) decided to name his daughter Moxie Crimefighter.  Who can’t say that a crimefighter isn’t a favorite character somewhere along the way?

But let’s say that you have more personal favorites from the world of books, games, food products, or other marketing.  Why wouldn’t you want to name your child after one of those characters… if ONLY YOU KNEW WHAT THEIR REAL NAMES WERE?!?!?

Poppin' Fresh - the Pillsbury Doughboy
Poppin’ Fresh – the Pillsbury Doughboy

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Geographic fun: mapping 2012’s most popular baby names

Have you ever thought about why there aren’t very many kids in California named “Helga”, but there are tons of them in Germany?

Ever wondered how regional given names are across the country?

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Be Unique: Give Your Child an Elvish Name

You’re a new parent.

You want to give your child an advantage in life by ensuring that they have a unique name.  You want them to stand out from the masses a bit, no “Tom”, “Dick”, or “Harry” here for you.

But with every other enterprising parent also figuring out that they want the same thing for THEIR child, what are you to do?

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Bella and Kitty lead the list of Top Pet Names for 2012

Naming your new puppy or kitten is a pseudo-exact science.

Some people let their kids name the pets, as that’s a way to encourage ownership with the kids and hopefully force them to remember to feed or clean up after their new furry companion.  (Ha! Likely not to happen, but it’s worth a shot – right, parents?)

Others base the names they select off the pet’s coloring (black cats would be “Smokey” or “Shadow”. Spotted dogs would be, well, “Spot”)

And others may decide to name their pets after their own favorite hobbies.  Which may explain why there are so many pets named after either spices or alcohol.

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Baby names to avoid if you don’t want your child to grow up to be a stripper

Stripper names are interesting, aren’t they?

You can only imagine that there exists a Xerox sheet in the back of the bar that all new strippers go through, crossing off names as they become unavailable.

It couldn’t be as simple as this list of 700 STRIPPER NAMES, because some of the suggestions they have don’t seem to be very realistic:  “Henry Poopdeck, the Sailer” is not a stripper Web Watch cares to see.