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Want to look more attractive? Try running.

Everyone knows that exercise makes you feel good about yourself, as well as contributing to your overall fitness, making you look good in those spandex pants.

But does exercise have any benefit beyond just burning off calories?

Sexy Running Pants
Sexy Running Pants

The answer is “yes”!!

Exercise in general is good for the body and soul – but it’s RUNNING THAT MAKES YOU SEXY.  At least to others watching you run.

A recent survey from the Brooks Running Company made the following conclusions:

  • 76% of runners believe that people look sexy while they are running.  (Of course, this was a survey of runners talking about running, so perhaps the result is a little biased, perhaps?)
  • 75% of men, 68% of women said that running together with others led to more sex
  • More than 50% said that they’ve used “hey, let’s go for a run” as a pick-up line.