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What Missing Tupperware and Missing Pants Have in Common

The BorrowersYou know the drill:  somebody borrows your favorite cookbook, DVD, hammer, or pair of pants and keeps them for a while.

Maybe you’ve forgotten who you loaned things to.

Maybe they’ve forgotten who gave them things they have on the garage shelves.

Web Watch has books and DVDs that we know belong to other people, but we can’t keep track of who we need to give it back to.

We also know who we loaned our Tupperware out to a few years ago… and they STILL haven’t returned it.

This makes us angry.  DVDs, books, and pants are easily replaced.  Good Tupperware, not so much.

RETURN MY PANTS is a site with a simple concept:  enter in whether you are borrowing something or lending something out – along with some pertinent details – and the site will contact both parties after an appropriate amount of time has passed to remind you that the pants (or DVD, or Tupperware) need to be returned to its rightful owner.

It’s almost as useful as a Post-It Note stuck to the side of the cabinet door, and much more friendly than that awkward phone call or meet-up to recover said item.