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“12 Signs That He’s Falling in Love With You” are really “12 Signs You’re On a First Date”

Keep Falling In Love

For some single women, the biggest question that they can ask as they’re at that short-term/long-term relationship cusp is HOW CAN WE TELL IF HE’S FALLING IN LOVE WITH ME?

Web Watch will ignore the obvious “when he says I Love You first”, because we all know that never happens.

So here are some of the 12 signs that ALL WOMEN’S TALK have come up with:

  • He loves spending time with you
  • He smiles at you
  • He can talk with you for a long time
  • He gets you gifts
  • He offers to take you out to dinner and a movie
  • He passionately makes love to you

Seriously?  Those are some of the 12 items on the list? 

That makes it sound like “trying to get some” or “your basic first date” is the same as “falling in love”.

How about something more meaningful, like “he willingly gives up his weekends to play canasta with your parents”?  That’s a sign of true love, there.

Any other suggestions, post ’em below!