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Introducing “My New Pink Button” (sometimes the jokes write themselves)

My New Pink Button: Makeup for Women

Web Watch will refrain from making any commentary about MY NEW PINK BUTTON, a new makeup product proclaiming to add a youthful pinkness to a woman’s Lady Parts.

No – unlike Natalie Bui at the University of Colorado, Web Watch will not say that we are “repulsed” or state that it’s sad that “women have become so self-conscious of their bodies that they feel that even their most intimate parts must be altered and “beautified.”

We will not call My New Pink Button “yet another extreme product to alter women’s bodies to appear more like the porn star ideal“, as Little Miss Brightside has done.

Nor will we call My New Pink Button as the “worst Valentine’s Day Gift, ever“.

No, Web Watch will not do this.

What Web Watch can do is offer the following information, taken straight from the My New Pink Button website, allowing faithful Web Watch readers to form their own opinion on the product.

After all, My New Pink Button wouldn’t exist if there wasn’t some demand for it, right?

  • My New Pink Button is a temporary dye to restore the youthful pink color back to your labia. There is no other product like it. This patent pending formula was designed by a female certified Paramedical Esthetician after she discovered her own genital color loss. While looking online for a solution she discovered thousands of other women asking the same questions regarding their color loss. After countless searches revealing no solution available and a discussion with her own gynecologist she decided to create her own. Now there is a solution!
  • Bettie: Think of that favorite lipstick you wear for those dressy black tie affairs and think “Bettie”. This shade blends with a woman’s own skin tones to bring out that “sexy hot pink, I am fired up, look”. Go dancing this weekend and remember to bring “Bettie” along!
  • Marilyn is the lightest of our colors. Good for beginners who want to make a slight change fresh color change in their appearance or those who are very fair skinned. For a more dramatic result check out our other colors.
  • Ginger will combine with darker skin tones to bring forth a real rosy tone. Use this one and be “Ginger-licious!”
  • Audrey: For the woman that loves to be daring, we bring you “Audrey”! This is the deepest, darkest color that we offer to give you a bold burgundy pink color. Perfect for everyone, and your own base color will determine the depth of this shade. Tonight its Show time!!
  • Our Products are Never Tested on Animals, but it will bring out the Animal in You!