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How To Improve Gas Mileage

It’s looking like the price of gas could hit $4 or even $5 a gallon this year, hitting everybody hard in the wallet as prices all across the board go up to meet this extra expense. Here are four sites that you can use to help maximize your gas station dollar:

  • DAILY FUEL ECONOMY TIP: every day or so, the bloggers here will share their insights on how to maximize your driving MPG. Some of the ideas they present, such as turning off your car’s engine if you know that you will be idling for more than 45-seconds or so, are practical ideas that today’s hybrid vehicles already do automatically. Other suggestions, such as driving the speed limit, are a bit harder to work into your everyday life unless you’re willing to change your driving habit of flooring it when the light turns green. There’s also some great analysis from Sept 2007 comparing how much gas prices have increased under George Bush’s administration versus how they fared under Clinton (in essence, a 10% annual increase under Bush compared to a 2% annual increase under Clinton – how you interpret this is up to you).
  • FUEL ECONOMY: who says that the government doesn’t provide useful information on their websites? This site compiles all the fuel-related information into one place: car MPG ratings, low gas prices, and effective driving tips, and the ability to compare more environmental details on various cars – like carbon output.
  • CLEAN MPG: the Internet’s resource for how to hypermile. What is hypermiling? It’s the science and sport dedicated to getting the most MPG from a single gallon of gas. When done right, expert hypermilers can push a standard Honda Accord to reach 60 MPG, and a Toyota Prius hybrid to over 110 MPG. These pro hypermilers claim that the average driver can increase their fuel economy by 30 percent by following some of their simple tips. Hell, a test done by some auto researchers on a stock 2007 Audi Q7 driven in suburban Chicago took the EPA estimated 20 MPG and clocked it in at an impressive 33.5 MPG when hypermiled (a 65% increase).
  • MPG-O-MATIC: Lists of the best MPG vehicles, and car reviews that focus on MPG specifically. Who needs cup holders when you can drive around town for pennies a day?