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A Car Powered by Mountain Dew

Albequerque, New Mexico’s Paul Patone knows his engines, and Paul knows his soda.

Paul would be the first one to say that soda, particularly Mountain Dew, is literally his driving force.

Why’s that?  Because Paul has figured out how to CONVERT HIS CAR SO IT RUNS ON MOUNTAIN DEW INSTEAD OF GASOLINE.

Paul has invented the GEET System and has made the plans available for free so you too can learn the secrets of how to power a car by soda.  GEET stands for “Global Environmental Energy Technology”, and the basis of the system is that any engine – a car engine, furnace, generator, lawnmower… whatever — can run on a fuel mixture that is 80% water.

Sure, the fuel still needs a little bit of gasoline or diesel for combustion, but GEET can convert pretty much any water-based liquid (such as Mountain Dew) so that it would work in an engine.

No word yet on whether the best mileage comes from a 6-pack, 2-liter, or fountain beverage.