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The New Fashion Trend: Bedazzling Your Hoo-Ha (aka “Vajazzle” and “Vagacial”)

Temporary Body Jewelry Tattoos
Temporary Body Jewelry Tattoos for Vajazzling

Web Watch thinks that some things are perfectly fine the way they are, but apparently some women think that some body parts are always in need of a little, well, something “extra”. 

And we’re not talking about a simple bikini wax or the more complicated and deadly Brazilian wax (yes, a Brazilian wax can kill you, remember?).

If you’re one of those women who think that their special place needs a little special something, then Web Watch would like to point you in the proper direction to get that taken care of.

First, let us introduce you to THE ART OF VAJAZZLING (eg VAJAZZLING: from the root word “vajazzle”, meaning “to bedazzle your vag”. As used in a sentence – “I can’t believe you got vajazzled!”)

It’s hard to explain in words exactly what vajazzling is all about when there are Youtube videos available that can do it visually much better.  Let’s take a look at what BRYCE GRUBER did when she got her parts all fancied up:

If you’re in the market to get tiny crystals stuck down your pants in the name of beauty, you can have it done in New York City for about $110. 

WHAT DO OTHERS SAY ABOUT VAJAZZLING?  Here are some of the comments:

Of course, if you decide to get vajazzled, you will have to do it after you get your deadly Brazilian wax.

But in the days after your wax has been done, you might want to freshen that area up just a little bit before those fancy crystals get glued to your pelvis.  You don’t want that $110 to go to waste, do you?

That’s where the VAGACIAL comes in. 

Yes, it’s like a facial, but as you can tell by the name – it’s not done on your face.  The vagacial involves four steps:

  • First the skin is cleansed with a body wash and witch hazel
  • Then it’s covered with a papaya exfoliating gel… leaving that area smelling papaya-fresh, we’re sure
  • Ingrown hairs are removed, then a beauty mask is applied.
  • Finally, some lightening cream.  Because the right color down there matters.

And men, if you feel left out of all this waxing and cosmetic talk, spas offer BOYZILIAN WAXES just for you, too.  Oy.