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Oscar Watch 2010: the nominated animated short LOGORAMA is AWESOME

Logos We Love

Have you heard about the Oscar-nominated animated short LOGORAMA?   It’s about 15-minutes long, and takes place in a world where everything – and we do mean EVERYTHING – is a logo.

The police, for example, are Bibendum (you may know Bibendum as “The Michelin Tire Guy”).

The zoo contains the Democratic Party elephant and Izod alligator logos.

Generic passers-by are the AOL guy and the BIC pen people.  If you know of a company that has a vehicle as their logo, you can be sure that it will be seen driving around this Logo city. 

The plot is your basic cop-versus-bad guy story, with NSFW language that seems to have been pulled from a Tarintino movie.  But the creativity that went into creating a world made entirely of corporate logos is astounding.

Web Watch picked Logorama to win this category in our annual Oscars movie pool, without having even seen the film.  Now that we have watched it, we’re not changing our selection at all.