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Can you pee after getting a Brazilian Wax? Apparently, not so much.

So you went and got yourself a Brazilian Wax.

Other than the obvious, have you noticed anything a bit more… unusual… in your daily bathroom activities since you’ve gotten it done?

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The New Fashion Trend: Bedazzling Your Hoo-Ha (aka “Vajazzle” and “Vagacial”)

Temporary Body Jewelry Tattoos
Temporary Body Jewelry Tattoos for Vajazzling

Web Watch thinks that some things are perfectly fine the way they are, but apparently some women think that some body parts are always in need of a little, well, something “extra”. 

And we’re not talking about a simple bikini wax or the more complicated and deadly Brazilian wax (yes, a Brazilian wax can kill you, remember?).

If you’re one of those women who think that their special place needs a little special something, then Web Watch would like to point you in the proper direction to get that taken care of.

First, let us introduce you to THE ART OF VAJAZZLING (eg VAJAZZLING: from the root word “vajazzle”, meaning “to bedazzle your vag”. As used in a sentence – “I can’t believe you got vajazzled!”)


Brazilian Bikini Waxing Can Kill You: An Update

A few months ago, Web Watch wrote about HOW A BRAZILIAN BIKINI WAX COULD KILL YOU.  

We thought that would be the end of the story. 

But no, the State of New Jersey and others had to pipe up with their own opinions… so of course, Web Watch felt the need to provide this DEADLY BRAZILIAN WAX update.


Can a Brazilian Bikini Wax Kill You?

Ladies – here’s a research paper that you might want to read before you go to the spa for your next wax job: SEVERE COMPLICATIONS OF A “BRAZILIAN” BIKINI WAX.

If your waxing goes awry, and it could happen, you could find yourself facing all sorts of nasty complications.  The study focused on a 20-year-old Australian woman who had a Brazilian wax, but then started suffering from fever, swelling genitalia, and “copious vaginal discharge” in the days following.  She didn’t seek medical attention until another week had passed.  By the time she reached the ER, she was in so much pain due to the swelling, that she was unable to pee.