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How to Silence Earworms

Web Watch has told you about earworms before, those pesky little pieces of songs that get stuck in your head so you can’t get them out.

Earworms, for the music industry, are good – they prove that there really is such a thing as a song that you’ll never forget.

Earworm Headphones
Earworm Headphones

The worst thing about earworms is that when a song does get stuck in your head on repeat, it’s usually a song that you absolutely can’t stand. To be honest, you should embrace your inner earworm. Copacabana really isn’t that bad of a song, when you really get down to it.  Even the Macarena has it’s good points, no matter how much you hate to admit it.

But contrary to popular opinion, GETTING RID OF AN EARWORM is not as easy as merely humming a different song, like the Spongebob Squarepants theme or TRAIN’s Hey Soul Sister.


Solving anagram puzzles.

You know what an anagram is, right?  It’s just a little bit of Scrabble or Words with Friends.  Take a bunch of letters and rearrange them to make different words.   In a pinch, you could try solving a sudoku puzzle instead.  Or, getting involved with a really good book.

Why does this work? It’s all about putting your brain into a different state of mind, pardon the pun.  By allowing your brain to focus intently on a specific piece of work, it doesn’t have time to wander off into music memory and dredge something up.  But as soon as your brain has some idle processing power again, don’t be surprised if you start humming some Lady Gaga or Katy Perry again.