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NFL Quarterbacks’ most popular passing locations

Now that NFL football season is here, let’s take a look at some more interesting information that could help you in your future career as an NFL Talent Agent as you work your Fantasy Football team up.

QB Cam Newton Wall Graphic Fathead
QB Cam Newton

The quarterback has to either run, pass, or hand off the ball to a teammate in order to gain the necessary yardage to win the game.  And since passing the ball is the most fun, exciting part of the game from a fan’s perspective (BIG PLAYS!), our friends over at GRANTLAND have crunched a ton of numbers to identify exactly where NFL quarterbacks are throwing the ball.

The FIVE MOST POPULAR PASSING LOCATIONS are all between 0-10 yards from the line of scrimmage, across the five parts of the field (far left, mid left, center, mid right, far right).  QBs tend to favor the right side of the field over the left.   Least popular passing locations, with just 1% of the collection apiece, are passes greater than 20 yards in the mid-left or center field locations.

But when Grantland looked at pass completion percentages, should it surprise us that the vast majority of successful passes occured BEHIND THE LINE OF SCRIMMAGE?  At almost 76% completion rate, the mid-left negative yard throw is the most successful pass a QB could attempt.  Least successful completion rates is the far-left pass of over 20 yards, at almost 28% completion rate.

Pop over to Grantland and see all the fancy charts that they’ve put together. And if this helps you win your Fantasy Football pool this year, just remember to send Web Watch a thank you note.