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How to win by buying Scratch-off Lottery Tickets

We’ve all done this.

We’re running late to a birthday party, and we don’t know what to get.  Or we’ve forgotten a Christmas gift for the company White Elephant gift exchange.

Or you’re just feeling a little impish and decide to spend a few dollars on something fun – just in case.

What do you do?  You find yourself in line at the local convenience store buying $10 worth of scratch-off lottery tickets.

But how do you decide which ones to buy?  They’re all the same, right?

No, not really.

Only some of them are more likely to pay off in the giant jackpot that you’ve been dreaming of.

And Web Watch is here to tell you The Secret to Winning the Lottery using Scratch-Off tickets…. and all it takes is a little bit of smarts.

Fake Lottery Tickets
Fake Lottery Tickets

It can’t be that easy, you say?

We say that it’s all in how you play.

Just like any casino game, it’s all about the math.  And as long as you know the math involved in any gambling activity, you can make a go at hitting the jackpot practically every time.


Well, duh.

Don’t forget, it’s all about the math, remember?

When you’re looking at the rack of different types of lottery scratch-off tickets to purchase, all you need to do is only choose those ticket types that have NOT paid out their top prize.  And the different state lotteries make it easy for you to find this out.

For example, let’s take a look at one state’s list of Instant Winners.  Which one of these would you choose, since you have a choice of which games to play?

  • $2012 Cash Jubilee:  $2012 a week for an entire year, with 9 total winners and only 3 having been claimed
  • 20X The Money, with a top prize of $400,000. 18 total winners, and 17 of these have been claimed

Let’s see – the first one still has 66% of the top prizes still available to be claimed, while the second one just has 1 available prize left, less than 1% of the total top prizes being awarded. 

That’s right — using math, you know that the $2012 Cash Jubilee scratch-off is the one to play.

So all you need to do now is take a look at each state’s Lottery List to see whether the Instant Game scratcher that you’re thinking about playing has any money left to give out.  If the percentages are against you, move on to the next one on the list.  If the percentages are in your favor, it might be worth spending a buck or two on the opportunity to win the Big Money.

Here’s just a few state’s scratch-off remaining winners lists to get you started

3 replies on “How to win by buying Scratch-off Lottery Tickets”

This doesn’t make sense. 17/18 claimed in most cases means that there are much fewer LOSING tickets out there (although 17/18 claimed would almost never be optimal to play). The best strategy is to play a game where a large PROPORTION of winning tickets are still out there. If 3/10 (30%) grand prizes are remaining, yet 80/1000 (<10%) of lower tier prizes are remaining, this is probably an optimal game to play.

If you include the ratio of lower tier prizes available, that will certainly skew a decision towards one game or another as you point out.

But if your goal is to aim for The Big Prize (which, if you’re bothering to play a scratch off lottery game in the first place is the highly likely goal to begin with), then you want to solely focus on the number of remaining Jackpot prizes are still available.

I have spent way too much money – thousands – and never won more than $1,500. One particular convenience store I used to buy from, I never ever won. I spent $3,000 there over a few years. I still think they sell fake scratch off tickets. Also in Florida there is no oversight committee for this area of the Lottery. I would bet someone is siphoning money big time. I am quitting the scratch offs as I have learned it is a waste of my money and hopes.

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