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A Social Media reminder from CNN

As Santa takes his final moments today to check his list twice, to see who’s been naughty and who’s been nice – it’s a perfect time to offer this friendly holiday reminder that we gleaned from CNN this week over the JUSTINE SACCO incident:

Naughty and Nice Santa Hats
Naughty and Nice Santa Hats

In CNN’s article about Sacco, they said:

it’s “a glaring reminder that every word uttered on the Internet can be heard by seemingly everyone on the Internet, sometimes with serious consequences.”

So kids – let’s be smart about what we say and don’t say on Twitter and Facebook and elsewhere online.  Be careful with your selfies, your hashtags, even who you decide to follow or retweet.  Liking a comment, favoriting something, voting stuff up — all your Internet activity can be tracked.  And if you’re out there looking for a job or a mortgage reference, the Internet is proving that you really do have a PERMANENT RECORD that you were told about in grade school.

Let’s make the next year a more positive place to be online, shall we?