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You’ll never guess what 35% of adults have slept around with

People like to sleep around an awful lot. But in some ways, we’re more the same than ever.

And you’ll never believe what 35% of those surveyed have admitted to sleeping with in their adult years.

Teddy Bear
Teddy Bear

According to a survey from Travelodge of adults in Great Britain, 35% CLAIMED THEY STILL SLEEP WITH A TEDDY BEAR.

Other facts from the survey:

  • 25% of men surveyed said they take a teddy bear with them on business trips
  • 51% of those surveyed still have a childhood teddy bear
  • The average age of a teddy bear around the house?  27 years old
  • 10% of men said they hide their teddy bears when they have female guests stay over
  • 15% of married men hide their teddy bears from family and friends
  • 26% of men said having a teddy bear was perfectly normal